Nurses Day 2020

My Nana holding her diploma from nursing school at her graduation in 1930

May 6th every year is Nurses Day. I’m sure many people may not realize this, as nurses get overlooked all too much. Nurses are critical in the day-to-day care of patients worldwide. Nursing can be a rewarding job. Although when it comes down to it, it’s a dirty job and a dangerous job. That has become all too apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic.

My Nana was a nurse and I wish that I had asked her why she became a nurse. I always assumed that she saw it as her ticket off the chicken farm in Macon, Georgia and way to New York City. Since being in quarantine I started to wonder what her family might have gone through during the Spanish Flu in 1918. She would have been around 9 years old during that time living on the farm with her two younger sisters and her parents. I’ve begun to wonder if it had anything to do with her decision.

Today we salute nurses everywhere! I hope that nurses are recognized for the warriors they truly are on a daily basis. I believed this before the pandemic and I just hope more people are aware of have important they are in the overall system of healthcare, in this country and every country.

There are lots of cards that can be found nowadays that thank nurses for all they do. I sell Nurses Day cards in my zazzle shop Greetings by Xine, in case anyone ever needs a Nurses Day card.

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