April Fool’s Day 2023

No joke – we woke to four inches of heavy wet snow up here on the mountain. Just as there were patches of grass and parts of the rock wall had started to appear the other day, nature decided — not yet! I prefer spring snow to dreary spring rain, but I am sure that will come in time too. At least I hope so. A few years ago we were in a terrible drought while ironically reading Dune during that time, Since then, I never take the rainy season for granted — I welcome it. We have plans to add a barn to our property hopefully soon and are planning on trying to collect out water runoff for our gardens and since we are on well water, we welcome the chance for the underground aquifers to replenish and fill.

April 1 2023 – Bridgewater, New Hampshire

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Xine Segalas

I was born and raised in New York City and graduated from Boston University's College of Communications. I have enjoyed careers in the communications and financial industries before starting a couple of companies in the home gardening industry. I love my family, our dogs, and our chickens. I am also a digital artist, photographer and gardener.

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